Cotton bag

All of us realize the importance of promoting and spreading out the noble cause, especially in these trying times, through unique promotional tools that are not only cost effective but also capture the right mind space 

Lately, majority of organizations are using cotton made shopping bags with their organization’s logo & message as a Top of the Mind Approach and joining the ‘Go Green’ band wagon, which has proven to be very effective and result oriented. It is also an extremely cost effective and environment friendly option. Your company/organization’s logo and name can be printed on these cotton canvas bags which will help you not only promote the brand or spread out your noble cause but also build goodwill.

 Here are few reasons why you may want to consider eco-friendly cotton bag as a promotional tool :

 1. Walking Billboard – You will create walking billboards to promote your company/organization's brand as your company/organization's logo, name & tag line will be printed on each cotton canvas bag

 2. Save the Environment – You will be able to be a part of the environmental movement by reducing/stopping use of plasticbags and substituting them with eco-friendly cotton bags. These bags will help you build goodwill and foster deeper relationships with your customers by showing them that you care about protecting the environment

 3. Promotional Tool - Promotional cotton canvas bags will help you reach potential members easily and keep your organization and its noble cause top-of-mind as your current member will use them in their day to day lives. Using eco-friendly cotton bags to promote your brand is probably the single most economical & effective branding strategy you could ever employ.

 4. Cost Effective - In times these difficult times where marketing budgets are low, especially for small business & non-profit organization, ourbags will prove to be a cost effective option that will fit your budget. More..


Create walking billboard - by having your own company’s or organization’s logo and name on the each canvas bag. .

Contribute in the environmental movement by reducing/stopping use of plastic bags and substitute with eco-friendly cotton canvas bags.

Create your brand name among your customers.